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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A happy day

I spent the afternoon at a quilt show, with Ruth.
For the last ten days we've had rain.
For at least the next five, it will rain.
I may go out soon to photograph our state of floating away.
But, I went with Ruth to Lake FarmPark Quilt Show.

I turned in my ballot unmarked, at the end.
Here are all my favorites.

This quilt is called A Happy Day.
That's all. No further explanation.
I thought of Elephant Child's balloon fests.

This quilt is as good as it looks. For a minute it was Tolkien, to me.
Then I said "Oh, Joanne. Harry Potter."

Poppies, well done, are fine, any day.

I would call this one "View from a kitchen window."
Spring is coming.

Had I voted, this would have my Best of Everything vote.

And this one I picked for my mother.
She would have selected all these fabrics, especially the green.
She would have laid it out exactly as this quilter did.
She also would have hand pieced and quilted this quilt.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

National School Walkout

Laura went to school today, and her other agenda was to determine who of her teachers might join the National School Walkout on March 14th, and which of her friends. The answer tonight is two teachers who aren’t “afraid”, and three of her friends. So far. I know one of the teachers, and emailed to her the link to a national register of school walkouts.

In Ohio we’ve suffered nine incidents with twenty injuries and five fatalities, in the last thirty years. Guns are the second leading cause of death by injury in Ohio and in the nation. But guns don’t seem to be dominating the conversations I’m privy to. However, the Parkland shooting seems not to be fading from the news.

I hope the Parkland youngsters can sustain the momentum, to the ballot box. I hope enough parents and grandparents get behind them. They need applauded. They need financed. They need us at their rallies, holding signs and shouting. At their back.

These kids, and those of us who support them, are the reality that will change minds in America about gun laws. Let’s get behind this.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Nation mourns, Trump fumes

Ann called me today, to read the top of the fold headline from her very red home town newspaper, circulation a few thousand. I’m watching the next three years as chipping away. Sort of like the flakes around lambie, toad and Pig. That’s her headline, top of my page.

I pay attention to Wisconsin. I see it as the obverse of Ohio, and sometimes the perverse. I called Ann in January to tell her that in a special election to fill a state Senate seat vacancy in ultra conservative northern Wisconsin, the Democratic candidate took the seat in a district Trump won by 17 points. My ultra pessimistic little German friend called me today. With some hope.

Over the weekend I wrote out postcards to a couple dozen sports figures, pitching a public service denouncement of gun availability. They went in outbound today, but won’t move until tomorrow. I haven’t a lot of hope there, by the time they cards go through layers of player management, but here’s to one sticking.

I wrote to my friend, too. I spent twenty years working with him, to make this town a success for the artist/merchants and for the tourists who come every weekend. He and his husband are ex-pats now. I know many, many will relate to his answer:

Hi Joanne -

Nice to hear from you, but I’m not your guy.  I don’t have any connections to sports heroes, and I barely have a connection to the country anymore.

One of the reasons I left the US was to remove myself from the disastrous state of the union… and I doubt I will ever live in there again. If we tire of Mexico, Europe or South America will be next on the agenda.

Sorry to have become a pessimist — but I gave several decades to activism for the Just causes in the US… And now I recognize that life is short and time is fleeting. I’ve chosen to be a bit selfish these days, and I feel the gun issue is a lost cause.

Good luck with the effort — and I applaud you for trying.  I just don’t have it in me.

Un abrazo de Mexico –

How sad, all his talent is gone, left. Laura and I have an eye on the Women’s March organizers and the March 14th anniversary march in support of the Florida students. She says her GSA advisor would be on that in a heartbeat, and she will bring it up with her.

And, in the everything old is new again, Laura had a great visit with her sisters Saturday, and scored a twenty five year old sweater. Her mother, an exquisite knitter made this sweater for Becca. Then Hamilton wore it. Then Emily.